• 10-Week Plan DVD Set
10-Week Plan DVD Set

10-Week Plan DVD Set

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Start Burning and Toning with Denise’s 10-Week Whole Body Plan Studio Workout DVDs! 6 DVDs and 14 Workouts will keep you inspired while you get fit and toned! Choose from stretching, toning, cardio, Barre & dance workouts to keep your body guessing. You’ll never get bored with so many different workouts to choose from! My cardio workouts are great for getting your heart pumping and your body burning! Look forward to a Walk With Me Workout, Super Charged Cardio Burn, or Ultimate Fat Burning Cardio – let’s get moving! My strength training will help you replace fat with muscle, which will help boost your metabolism to burn fat and calories! My strength workouts include Shape Up With Me, Fit, Firm and Fabulous, and more! And help your muscles recover and lean and lengthen your body with stretching, yoga and Pilates sessions. Let’s keep aiming for our healthy goals with workouts like Barre Toning, Balance and Toning Yoga and more.

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