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Cross Strap Bra


This bra is super soft and offers full coverage. It has removable pads inside the bra top. It is soft and comfortable, you can wear it all day!


Key Features

š’š©šØš«š­š¬ šš«šš:These bras are fun and chic, elastic design for a custom fit, ensuring the most comfort and support for any workout. Unique design for enhanced range of motion, easy to put on and off. There is definitely something here for everyone.

š…š„ššš­š­šžš«š¢š§š  š…š¢š­: In this set of incredibly cute sports bras for women, every item is both form-fitting and flattering, showing off your curves in and maintaining its shape no matter how rigorous your routine is.

š‚šØš¦šŸšØš«š­ššš›š„šž ššš§š š’š­š«šžš­šœš”š²: These workout bras for women are easy to wear and convenient to use for any exercise routine, running, yoga and Pilates as they offer a great deal of comfort to the wearer.

šŒšØš¢š¬š­š®š«šž š–š¢šœš¤š¢š§š : The most important thing in any workout bra is moisture-wicking, as it prevents excessive perspiration build-up. These bras are made from a breathable fabric designed to keep you dry.

Stay Completely Dry and Sweat Free!

Whether you are wearing a running bra or a simple yoga bra for women, it is important to have one that is made from moisture-wicking material. These incredible workout bras for women are made from breathable fabric that ensures you stay completely dry.

Comfortable and Chic Too!

These sports bras for women are made from sparkly fabric and even plain stretchy material, giving customers a variety of products to choose from. With the chic strap designs and incredibly comfortable support, these bras are sure to become your new favorite piece of fitness wear!

Materials: 75% Polyester 25% Spandex.

Sizing: Denise fits a small but prefers a medium.

Machine Wash cold, hang to dry
Cross Strap Bra