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Denise Austin

Stop The Clock Digital Nutrition Plan



150+ Page E-book of Healthy Food Suggestions, Nutrition Insight, Motivation and More!


  • A 4-Week Eating Challenge – see how simple changes can become a habit… and lead to a healthier you!
  • A 7-Day Meal Plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks recipes for each day
  • 24 bonus recipes to keep your new eating habits on track
  • Dozens of easy-to-implement checklists to help you eat healthfully
  • Food swaps, kitchen makeovers, shopping suggestions and more
  • Insight on the nutrients different foods provide – and what foods YOU should focus on as you get older


Eating As You Age is Delicious, Nutritious and Effective! My new Stop The Clock Nutrition Plan will help you make the best – and tastiest – choices that will keep your body and mind young, energetic, and feeling and looking great… no matter what your age! This digital, printable guide includes a 28-day eating plan, healthy recipes, nutrition insight and more. In this plan, Denise provides insight and guidance into what foods can help you age gracefully. Denise takes the guesswork out of what to eat… and what to minimize in your diet. By replacing unhealthy foods that can lead to sluggishness, weight gain, health concerns and more, you can regain your confidence, energy levels and youthful glow!

Stop The Clock Digital Nutrition PlanStop The Clock Digital Nutrition Plan