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Denise Austin

Stop The Clock Plan Digital Bundle


Stop The Clock Through Fitness & Nutrition! Denise will help you navigate the aging process with insight to help you “Stop the Clock.” You’ll access a 28-day detailed fitness plan, health and wellness insights, guidance on foods to eat and foods to avoid, and more - including how to achieve that positive Denise attitude! Get fit… lose weight… feel great! My Stop The Clock Fitness and Nutrition Plans are digital, printable guides for keeping women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond healthy and fit. Get the 28-day eating and workout plans to help you make the best - and tastiest - choices to keep your mind and body young!



200+ page E-book of Workouts, Tips, Motivations & More!

  • A 28-day whole-body fitness guide
  • A Comprehensive Cardio Walking Workout Plan
  • 32 Strength Training Exercises
  • 24 Flexibility and Balance Poses and Exercises based on Pilates and yoga
  • 25+ Bonus “Anti-Gravity Exercises” that fight sagging in problem areas
  • An easy-to-use tracking log to mark your improvements
  • Women’s health insight, covering stress, sleep, and more
  • Motivations to promote a positive attitude and help you stick with your workouts


150+ pages of Healthy Foods, Tips, Motivations & More!

  • A 4-Week Eating Challenge – see how simple changes can become a habit… and lead to a healthier you
  • A 7-Day Meal Plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and two daily snack recipes
  • 24 bonus recipes to keep your new eating habits on track
  • Dozens of easy-to-implement checklists to help you eat healthfully
  • Food swaps, kitchen makeovers, shopping suggestions and more
  • Insight on the nutrients different foods provide – and what foods YOU should focus on as you get older
Stop The Clock Plan Digital Bundle