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Fit Over 50 By Denise Austin

The new 100-page special issue of Denise Austin's Fit Over 50 is your guide to getting the beach body you've always wanted this summer! Inside, you'll find Denise's favorite strength training and calorie-burning cardio workouts to help you tone your arms, flatten your belly, and firm up your legs. The book also offers 24 delicious and nutritious recipes that are perfect for your next summer cookout, not to mention tips for foods that support a healthy gut. Going on a trip? Denise has suggestions for what to pack for your getaway and how to stay on top of your fitness goals while you're away from home. Plus, she shares what's worked for her to keep her hormones in balance during menopause. It's never too late to take care of you—as Denise always says, "We'll get fit together!"

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