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Denise Austin

Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Digital Plan


Want to Tone and Trim in Just 12 Minutes a Day? Then my Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Plan is just what you need! These exclusive workouts will firm your arms, tone your tushie, flatten those abs, and stretch and lean your entire body! It’s a quick and effective way to transform your body! Using a stability ball and resistance bands helps you work all your muscles in a variety of ways that the floor or traditional weights can’t… so you get more done – in less time! Combine these with my 3-Week Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Plan and you will see and feel results – fast!

What’s in the Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Plan?

  • A 200+ page e-book with workouts and fitness insight
  • A detailed 3-Week Plan to help you firm up in just 12 minutes a day!
  • 34 moves for your upper and lower body – lose that underarm flab and tone those thighs
  • 17 moves for your core – blast that belly fat and tighten those abs
  • Over 40 yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises – stay fit and flexible while you lean and lengthen your body
  • Nutrition Insight – tips for clean eating while you complete the plan
  • Stability Ball and Resistance Bands are NOT included. The full kit can be purchased here.
Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Digital Plan